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Philip Schlump

University of Wyoming

Philip Schlump received Masters in Computer Science from the University of Wyoming worked as the lead technical architect for a GIS project at IBM. When that project completed he returned to UW as a Masters of Fine Art student specializing in ceramics.

Philip built two different consulting companies. Specializing in Oracle performance tuning and scaling for a wide variety of major clients like Time Warner, ConAgra, FedEx and Newmont Mining. Much of this work was high end performance tuning and load planning.

Philip founded SenWare, Inc a venture funded software product company. Senware specialized in a machine learning based automated database management product, AutoDBA.

An interest in encryption, strong authentication and computer security lead to a contract working with Thesis Inc, providing private data on Entherum.

As professor of practice he has taught Blockchain classes for 5 years and participated in funding and setting up the IOHK/WABL lab at UW.

Blockchains provide a number of useful features that a traditional SQL database fails to provide. These include immutable data, consensus and data replication.

In this example a authenticated blockchain is implemented by using a number of features of PostgreSQL and extending PostgreSQL to allow for Peer To Peer (P2P) communication and block consensus.

This also acts as a good example of how to use P2P and a consensus mechanism for reliable data distribution over faulty networks.

By implementing the useful features of a blockchain inside PostgreSQL most of the capabilities of a blockchain are brought into the relational world.

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