Conference Highlights

Jan 26 All we need to work with SQL is just SQL

Traditionally, we use Languages and Frameworks interact with Relational Databases. While these are effective in many ways, One problem is that, each of these brings new learning curve. It will be nice if we use SQL itself as the core skill and build application with plain simple SQL skills. In this webinar, I will demo this approach with a case study that builds simple, high performing Java application using Postgres database.

Jan 27 PostgreSQL Forks and Knives

The number of PostgeSQL forks keeps growing. Some of them are really ancient, while others are relatively new. Redshift, Greenplum, Cockroach, Timescale, RDS, Vertica, you name it. All modern clouds have their own forks of traditional PostgreSQL. But are these databases our familiar PostgreSQL, or something absolutely different? DBeaver supports all the main PostgreSQL forks, and we can confidently say that it is really surprising to find unexpected differences or similarities. If...

Feb 03 Postgres for SQL Server Users

As Postgres gains popularity in the DBMS world, it has become a very attractive alternative for Microsoft SQL Server, allowing organizations that make the leap to take advantage of modern features while saving big money on software licensing. In this talk I will go over the top reasons to choose Postgres over SQL Server and outline a plan for performing such migrations. Key learnings: The main differences to consider when switching from SQL Server to Postgres Data type mappings...

Feb 04 Configuring PostgreSQL for Faster Analytic Query Performance

Are you using PostgreSQL for query-intensive applications like reporting and charting, analytics (OLAP/HTAP), or data warehousing? Join us on February 4 to learn straightforward ways to get the best possible query performance from PostgreSQL. Swarm64 Solution Architect, Sebastian Dressler, will cover proven PostgreSQL configuration tuning best practices that have helped PostgreSQL users significantly boost analytic query performance. Topics include: Configuring for parallel...

Feb 23 Blockchain as a Database

Throughout the history, exchange of trusted information among people played an essential role in every aspect of their lives: socially, economically and politically. Blockchain is an innovation in database technology for keeping temper proof (trusted) data in a permanent, immutable, decentralized, global, and trustless ledger. It combines distributed computing, databases, networks and cryptography and is relatively new, and it is rapidly evolving. It allows people, organizations and machines...


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