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Jobin Augustine


Jobin Augustine is a PostgreSQL expert and Open Source advocate and has more than 18 years of working experience as consultant, architect, administrator, writer, and trainer in PostgreSQL, Oracle, and other database technologies. He has always been an active participant in the Open Source communities and his main focus area is database performance and optimization. He is a contributor to various Open Source Projects and is an active blogger and loves to code in C++ and Python.

Jobin holds a Masters in Computer Applications and joined Percona in 2018 as a Senior Support Engineer. Prior to joining Percona, he worked at OpenSCG for 2 years as Architect and was part of the BigSQL core team, a complete PostgreSQL distribution offering. Previous to his work at OpenSCG, Jobin worked at Dell as Database Senior Advisor for 10 years and 5 years with TCS/CMC.

There have been many presentations about the Different Indexes in PostgreSQL ( B-Tree, HASH, GIN, GiST etc), especially from the architecture perspective. But these talks always lacked details from the user perspective on the selection of indexes.
It is common to see that architects and developers fail to select the right types of index and the way it should be used.
Just an overview of all types of indexes also won't help much in decision making.
In this talk gives details about.

  1. The default B-Tree index and different ways B-Tree index can be utilized for specific use cases.
  2. The rebirth of Hash Index and how it is useful now.
  3. BRIN and use of BRIN when partitioning is not an option.
  4. Inverted Indexes and GIN in particular and their usefulness in the real world.
  5. Effective use of Bloom Index
  6. Tips and techniques for efficient index usage.
  7. GiST and SP-GiST
  8. How important is Index usage monitoring and how to do that.

This talk is more towards proper examples and demonstrations.
This presentation with demonstrations is expected to drive users to the right selection of indexes and better usage

2021 December 1 13:00 EST
1 h
2021 Postgres Conference Webinars
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