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Abbas Butt


Abbas Butt ( is a Senior Software Architect at EnterpriseDB.
He has been working for EnterpriseDB since Jan 2011.
He has over 20 years of product development experience.

  • Currently working on
    • Migration Portal for online schema migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL
    • xDB and EPRS Replication Server
  • Previously worked on
    • XA Compliance for PostgreSQL
    • Porting a Telecom operator's Tuxedo based application from Oracle to PPAS
    • Postgres-XC
    • Packages for IBM DB2
      • UTL_ENCODE
      • UTL_TCP
      • UTL_SMTP
      • UTL_MAIL
    • Hospital Management System
    • Tele-medicine & Video Conferencing
    • Electronic Stethoscope
    • Accounts Management System
    • Payphone Management System
    • IVR based Telecom Billing System
    • Voice Communication System
    • Mobile Observer Unit Automation
    • 8051 micro controller based payphone

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This presentation will provide step by step details on how to deploy a highly available PostgreSQL cluster using Patroni, etcd and HAProxy. Patroni is a python based solution to provide HA and automatic failover in a PostgreSQL cluster. Patroni depends on etcd and HAProxy to provide all the features. This presentation will provide steps to deploy and test etcd and HAProxy independently. Once all the dependent modules are deployed and tested to work, the presentation will then provide steps to do and test a manual failover. The presentation will use four CentOS 7 virtual machines. On each VM we will deploy PostgreSQL 12.6, etcd version 3.3.11 and Patroni version 2.0.2. On one of the VMs we will have HAProxy version 1.5.18.

2021 August 4 13:00 EDT
1 h
2021 Postgres Conference Webinars
Requires Registration:
Yes (Registered: 130)