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Álvaro is a passionate database and software developer. Founder and CEO of OnGres, an “ON postGRES” startup. Álvaro has been dedicated to PostgreSQL and R&D in databases since two decades ago.

Álvaro is at heart an open source advocate and developer. Well-known member of the PostgreSQL Community, he has founded the non-profit Fundación PostgreSQL and the Spanish PostgreSQL User Group.

You can find him frequently speaking at PostgreSQL, database, cloud, and Java conferences. Every year, Álvaro travels approximately three-four times around the globe—in 2020, he will hit the milestone of having delivered 100 tech talks.

AWS Data Hero (2019)


Today, running Postgres on Kubernetes is not out of the ordinary. But given all of Kubernetes capabilities, doing a 1:1 between how you run Postgres on Kubernetes and how you run it outside of it is a loss of opportunity.

The Open-Source StackGres ( project has leveraged Kubernetes API to its fullest to make Postgres not run, but fly, on Kubernetes! Join this webinar with live demos to see how to:

  • Collect Postgres and Patroni logs from all pods into a central location, which is a separate Postgres database. Query logs with SQL, or via a Web Console.
  • Export Postgres network metrics to Prometheus, and offload SSL from Postgres via the Envoy proxy.
  • Fully automate Postgres upgrades with minimal disruption.
  • Fully automate Postgres “Day 2” operations, like repack, vacuum or even benchmarks!
  • Install Postgres extensions with 1 click, or 1 YAML line.

2021 June 23 13:00 EDT
1 h
2021 Postgres Conference Webinars
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