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Clay Jackson

Quest Software

Clay Jackson is a Sr. Database Solutions Architect for Quest, specializing in Database Performance Management and Data Movement Tools. Prior to joining Quest, Jackson was the DBA Manager at Darigold. He also spent over 10 years managing Oracle, SQLServer and DB2 databases and DBAs at Washington Mutual. While at WaMu, Jackson was the Enterprise Database Compliance Officer, with responsibility for Database Security and Disaster Recovery. He was also responsible for Oracle databases at Starbucks and US West. While at Starbucks, he participated in the Oracle 7 Alpha Test, and was part of the Oracle Very Large Database Customer Focus Group. He is also part of the OAK Table Group

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Data movement is a transformative force in today's digital landscape, enabling organizations to unlock the true value of data. Successful data movement requires a comprehensive data governance strategy that encompasses data selection, understanding, quality, mapping, schema development, and serialization.

Data governance is the key to unlocking the power of data movement, ensuring accurate, efficient, and reliable transfers. With automation and standardization, it optimizes resources and empowers organizations to make informed decisions based on valuable data assets.

2024 April 19 12:00 PDT
50 min
Santa Clara
Postgres Conference 2024