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David Steele

Crunchy Data Solutions

David Steele is Principal Architect at Crunchy Data, the Trusted Open Source Enterprise PostgreSQL Leader. He has been actively developing with PostgreSQL since 1999.

David loves taking on big data challenges. Before Crunchy Data he was Data Architect at Resonate, an online media company using PostgreSQL to drive its transactional and data warehousing databases. Before that, he helped drive global mobile text messaging at Sybase365.

David's current project is pgBackRest, which will be the subject of this talk.

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Backups are a critical part of any enterprise database solution but they are often done poorly or skipped altogether, which can lead to data loss in the event of hardware failure or some other disaster. With the proper tools and procedures data loss can be minimized or entirely avoided, saving valuable enterprise data and time.

In this talk we'll cover database backup best practices and how to implement them with pgBackRest, including:

  • WAL archiving
  • Backup frequency and retention
  • How to meet recovery time/point objectives
  • Configuration options
  • Performance considerations
  • Restore testing

2020 November 20 10:30 CST
40 min
Virtual - English Sub-Conference B
CHINA 2020 And PGConf.Asia 2020
Backup and Restores