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Yugo Nagata

SRA OSS, Inc. Japan

Yugo Nagata is a software engineer at SRA OSS, in charge of research and development related to PostgreSQL. He is interested in database engineering and now working on the implementation of Incremental View Maintenance.

Before this project, he was engaged in an academic research for extending view updatability. He participated in the development of Pgpool-II, a clustering tool for PostgreSQL, in 2011 when he joined SRA OSS, Inc. Japan. His first contribution to PostgreSQL development was in 2012. He also have experiences of technical support, consulting, education about PostgreSQL internal architecture.

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Materialized view is a feature to store the results of view definition queries in DB in order to achieve faster query response. However, after base relations are modified, view maintenance is needed to keep the contents up to date. REFRESH MATERIALIZED VIEW command is prepared for the purpose, but this has to recompute the contents from a scratch, so this is not efficient in cases where only a small part of a base table is modified.

Incremental View Maintenance (IVM) is a technique to maintain materialized views efficiently, which computes and applies only the incremental changes to the materialized views rather than recomputing. This feature is not implemented on PostgreSQL yet.

We have proposed a patch to implement IVM on PostgreSQL and this is now under discussion. As a result of continuous development, the current implementation supports some aggregates, subqueries, self-join, outer joins, and CTEs (WITH clauses) are in a view definition. In this talk, we will explain our idea and the current status of our IVM implementation.

2020 November 20 14:50 CST
40 min
Virtual - English Sub-Conference A
CHINA 2020 And PGConf.Asia 2020
Everything about Postgres