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Feb 7, 6pm ET: [Meetup Livestream] Better materialized views in 1 million LOC: Inside Materialize's PostgresSQL src

PostgreSQL's materialized views are a great tool to provide low-latency answers to complex queries – but did you know they could offer serializable consistency if you used cutting-edge streaming engines, many millions of dollars, and countless hours of work from talented systems engineers and academics? Oh, and I guess you could then also join them with arbitrarily complex queries over Kafka topics…

In this talk, we'll take a look at what Materialize does from a few different points of views: how it differs from PostgreSQL, and how that fits into the modern data landscape. We'll then explore the architectural considerations we made to bring PostgreSQL data into an operational data warehouse. Lastly, we'll dive into the implementation details and the first correctness bug any of us have ever uncovered in PG.

Speaker: Sean Loiselle, Member of Technical Staff, Materialize Sean is a member of technical staff at Materialize. He's worked extensively on the PostgreSQL source, as well as all layers of our SQL engine.


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