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Lee Roland

Heimdall Data

Roland Lee's background is in application networking. He has been a developer and product manager in startups and large companies. All through his career, his industry focus has been to increase the performance of Internet user data. He is currently Head of Products for Heimdall Data, an off-the-shelf data access layer for applications accessing SQL databases.

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In this session, we will go over a customer use case of how the Heimdall Database Proxy offloaded and improved database scale for one of the world's largest coffee retailer. We will discuss features and solutions used to diagnose and cure bottlenecks. As the backend infrastructure has been the culprit of many application performance issues, Database Proxies in the market can save development and DBA teams in time and money by alleviating performance and reliability issue, all without no code changes. Check out how Heimdall Data helped to serve over a billion coffee drinkers.

2019 September 19 11:00 PDT
50 min
Winchester (2)
Silicon Valley 2019
Case Studies