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Michael Meskes holds a Ph.D. in database science and has worked in the open-source industry his whole career. After his time at RWTH Aachen university he started and ran credativ, a pure open-source company that is now part of NetApp, where Michael is still leading the same group of open-source enthusiasts. On top of that he is tasked with improving open-source work within NetApp.

Coming from the Unix landscape he started working on free and open-source software in 1993 and subsequently joined several free software projects like the Linux kernel (1994), Debian GNU/Linux (1995) and PostgreSQL (1996). He is still active as a Debian developer and a PostgreSQL committer as much as his real life commitments allow him to.

Michael has engaged in significant open-source evangelism and given related presentations at numerous events. He teaches open-source infrastructure and cloud components at a local university as an adjunct professor.

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The movement to cloud and microservice architectures have changed the industry quite a bit recently. These changes have an influence on open source both from a community and from a business perspective.

This presentation takes you on a journey of 30+ years of free and open-source software development. It shows the evolution of the movement and the ecosystem. With changes in business models open source communities have changed and vice versa.

The requirements of cloud and microservices have forced yet another paradigm shift onto the open source world. However, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Thus this presentation also shows how resilient the open source movement is.

2023 April 20 15:20 PDT
20 min
San Pedro, Lvl C
Silicon Valley 2023