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CJ is a Senior Database Engineer who focuses on High Availability, automation, and database architecture. CJ recently Joined Experity Health and is responsible for developing and maintaining best practices for their Postgres servers and Infrastructure as Code. CJ has over 20 years of database administration experience and has written numerous puppet modules and automation tools that have allowed his teams to streamline operations.

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Join CJ Estel as he takes you down the path of how he uses pg_partman paired with some other scripts to automate partition and archival management. Learn how to work around foreign key constraints, table locks in converting large tables to partitioned tables in a production environment, and how partitions can complement your archival strategy. You will leave this session with a list of questions that will help you determine when you should consider partitions vs pruning data and understand the items that may make partitioning difficult to implement.

This session will also help you in working with developers and product owners to identify the scope and requirements that will be used to drive your archival strategy.

2023 April 21 10:00 PDT
50 min
Almaden Ballroom, Main Level
Silicon Valley 2023