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Joshua D. Drake

Command Prompt, Inc.

Joshua (JD) Drake is the President and CTO of Command Prompt, Inc., the oldest Postgres Company. He is also the Founder and Co-Chair of Postgres Conference (PostgresConf), the largest non-profit Postgres Community and Ecosystem conference. The founder of United States PostgreSQL (PgUS) and a Director for PgCentral, Inc. He has been using, deploying and extending PostgreSQL and related technologies since 1997.


Jim Mlodgenski

Amazon Web Services

Jim has more than 20 years of experience developing data intensive applications and infrastructure. Prior to joining AWS, Jim was CTO at OpenSCG and CEO at StormDB, a Postgres-XC scalable public cloud solution. While at StormDB, Jim envisioned the offering and was responsible for all product development. Prior to StormDB, Jim was chief architect at EnterpriseDB, leading the firm’s technology direction, including its early cloud offerings and other product lines. Jim also very active in the PostgreSQL community, co-founding both the New York and Philadelphia PostgreSQL Meetup groups, co-organizing the largest PostgreSQL conferences, and serving on the Board of the PostgreSQL Foundation. Jim also speaks regularly at PostgreSQL and other open sources conferences.

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Welcome to PGConf US Local: Seattle!

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PGConf Local: Seattle [PgConf.US]