PGConf Local: Seattle [PgConf.US] Program

Robert Bernier Scaling PostgreSQL Using Linux Containers in the Enterprise
A Complete And Comprehensive Walkthrough Of Building And Maintaining Container Based Clusters

presented by Robert Bernier

**Download workshop materials here:**


SESSION TRACK: Infrastructure

DETAILS: COURSE DESCRIPTION: Automation is THE big thing these days. Software delivery and infrastructure changes in regards to provisioning, creating and tearing down servers, is no longer a nich...

13:30 - 16:30 Ravenna Trainings
Kevin Kempter Enterprise Data Architecture with PostgreSQL

presented by Kevin Kempter

We'll discuss architecture and scaling to include:

  • monitoring & "Monthly DB Reports"
  • backup / recovery
  • replication & HA
  • DR sites and connection pooling
  • Capacity planning & metrics
  • Scaling
  • Ongoing Architecture Monitoring & Lifecycle

14:30 - 15:20 Metropolitan B ops
Jennifer Scheuerell Under the hood: API integrations and more in an energy efficiency PostgreSQL + Django application

presented by Jennifer Scheuerell

For the last two years, Sound Data has been developing a PostgreSQL + Django application for the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) to securely manage their $1B per year investment in energy efficiency and demand side management. The application is known as the California Energy Data and Reporting System (Cedars), and manages data reporting for three different reporting requirements fo...


14:30 - 15:20 Ravenna dev
Haikal Pribadi GRAKN.AI: the hyper-relational database for knowledge-oriented systems CANCELLED

presented by Haikal Pribadi

**Update 11/13/2017 Cancelled due to illness*

Cognitive/AI systems process knowledge that is far too complex for current databases. They require more expressive data schemas and intelligent query languages to provide a strong abstraction over complex data and their relationships. In this talk, we will discuss how GRAKN.AI, a distributed hyper-relational database, enables knowledge-oriented...


CANCELED 14:30 - 15:20 Issaquah Big Data
Jim Mlodgenski Introduction to JavaScript Stored Procedures

presented by Jim Mlodgenski

One of the great features of PostgreSQL is its pluggable language handler allowing many different types of stored procedure languages including JavaScript aka PL/V8. This allows web developers to leverage their existing coding skills when writing database sever-side code. In this talk we will discuss:

  • How to create a PL/V8 function
  • Interacting with database objects
  • Returning results ...

15:40 - 16:30 Ravenna dev
 Matvey Arye Building a scalable time-series database on PostgreSQL
TimescaleDB, packaged as a PostgresSQL extension

presented by Matvey Arye

Today everything is instrumented, generating more and more time-series data streams that need to be monitored and analyzed. When it comes to storing this data, many developers often start with some well-trusted system like PostgreSQL, but when their data hits a certain scale, give up its query power and ecosystem by migrating to some NoSQL or other "modern" time-series architecture. They face t...


15:40 - 16:30 Metropolitan B ops
Jignesh Shah Best Practices with Managed PostgreSQL in the Cloud
Learn about using a managed PostgreSQL Service

presented by Jignesh Shah

More companies are now providing managed PostgreSQL services. We look at some basic features of managed PostgreSQL services in the cloud. Understanding such services allow us to better use these services for our applications. We also look at typical best practices for the normal DBA activities on these managed services.

15:40 - 16:30 Issaquah AWS / Cloud
David Wein Tuning PostgreSQL for High Write Workloads

presented by David Wein

In this session we will cover a number of the way that you can tune PostgreSQL to better handle high write workloads. We will cover both application and database tuning methods as each type can have substantial benefits but can also interact in unexpected ways when you are operating at scale. On the application side we will look at write batching, use of GUID's, general index structure, the c...


16:40 - 17:30 Issaquah ops
Jim Nasby All the dirt on Vacuum
A detailed look at how vacuum works

presented by Jim Nasby

The use of Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) is perhaps one of the most powerful features PostgreSQL has to offer, but it can be a source of confusion for new and experienced users alike. In this talk we will provide an in-depth walkthrough of why Postgres needs to vacuum and what vacuum does.


  • MVCC details
  • HOT overview
  • Identifying tuples to be vacuumed/frozen
  • ...

16:40 - 17:30 Metropolitan B ops
Lloyd Albin Using GIS in PostgreSQL

presented by Lloyd Albin

In this presentation we will go over the old school math and the new school PostGIS method of doing the same math for calculating the distance and cost of an aircraft flight. You will notice how much easier it is to use PostGIS.

  • Installing PostGIS
    • Cloud Solutions
    • From Source
  • Aviation Math
    • Airplane Performance
    • Great Circle Math
  • PostGIS Math
    • Updating your table...

16:40 - 17:30 Ravenna dev
Unscheduled events
Sunil Kamath Develop intelligent apps on the Azure platform using the Azure Database for PostgreSQL
Managed PostgreSQL database for app developers

presented by Sunil Kamath

Azure Database for PostgreSQL is a managed database service built for developers using the community PostgreSQL database technology you love. Learn how you can leverage the managed service and the key capabilities that the service offers which enables you as a developer to focus on developing apps. Using customer stories and experiences including live demos, we will walk through best practices ...


Michael Sacks With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility
The Implications of the Code We Write

presented by Michael Sacks

As technology becomes a bigger part of our lives, so does our power to affect people’s lives: not always for the better.

Technology can be a life saver, (i.e. the Maps app), but there has been an increase in cases where technology has done irrefutable damage to its users. Despite intending to connect people and serve as a positive resource, technology side effects that must be addressed.



Data Science
 Erik Brandsberg Automated Failure Management and Caching, with no code changes
PGPool replacement and Auto-caching without the programming

presented by Erik Brandsberg

Implementing Postgres failover and caching requires development work and adds risk. What if there was a solution that removes these complexities?

In this session, we will demonstrate how Heimdall Data is deployed in minutes as a PgPool-II replacement and supports automated, distributed caching for improved performance.

Heimdall Data intelligently caches, invalidates and synchronizes ac...


Joshua D. Drake Postgres Performance and Maintenance

presented by Joshua D. Drake

When you are optimizing PostgreSQL it is usually maintenance that goes by the wayside. How do we fix autovacuum? Where did all of this bloat come from? Why am I getting IO spikes? How do I get RDS to behave?! Why are commits so slow on replication? The answer to all of these questions is understanding the relationship between proper Postgres maintenance and performance. Join us for a 3 hour jau...


Joshua D. Drake Jim Mlodgenski Launch

presented by Jim Mlodgenski and Joshua D. Drake

Welcome to PGConf US Local: Seattle!

Ben Rogojan Data Quality Expert Is Not Harvard's Sexiest Job...But

presented by Ben Rogojan

As a data scientists we get to hear the saying “Garbage in Garbage out” all the time. This might be from our comrades or the DBAs that maintain much of the data we receive. Somehow, this tends to feel more like teams throwing data quality issues over the fence. Rather than developing methods to improve data. No one really says too much about how to keep your systems clean. It is even harder to ...


Data Science
Mark Porter AWS Keynote

presented by Mark Porter

National Diamond Sponsor Keynote

Xin (Shin) Zhang The internals of GPORCA optimizer
An Open Source query optimizer

presented by Xin (Shin) Zhang

The latest OSS release of Greenplum Database (GPDB) 5.0 can switch between the planner optimizer and a standalone MPP (massively parallel processing) query optimizer called GPORCA. This query optimizer is also used in Apache HAWQ (a SQL solution on top of Hadoop). The talk will describe the architecture of GPORCA, how to develop new rules, and best practices for testing and debugging. At the en...



presented by Joshua D. Drake

Let's talk about the amazing Postgres v10. In this presentation we will discuss all the major highlights of what is upcoming in the new release. We will cover everything from Replication, performance features to new noSQL functionality. Let's take a ride down this roller coaster and discover why Postgres v10 should be the center of your data universe.