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Jennifer Scheuerell

Sound Data

Jennifer is the founder and lead developer for Sound Data, a small Seattle consulting firm that specializes in custom data-driven websites for clients in science and engineering. Before starting Sound Data in 2008, Jennifer spent ten years working at the University of Washington where she built and administered variety of ecological research databases and taught databases workshops for scientists. Jennifer has expertise in a wide range of software used to manage, analyze, and distribute data, with complementary expertise in statistics, visualizations, and modeling. She holds a M.S. from the University of Washington and is a certified Oracle applications developer. Jennifer also organizes Digital CleanTech Seattle, a professional meet-up group that brings together folks interested in the intersection of clean technology and software.

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For the last two years, Sound Data has been developing a PostgreSQL + Django application for the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) to securely manage their $1B per year investment in energy efficiency and demand side management. The application is known as the California Energy Data and Reporting System (Cedars), and manages data reporting for three different reporting requirements for program administrators. Each of the three reporting requirements is a module within Cedars; the CPUC required all modules be robust to changes in the data specification over time, per the organization change management protocol.

The first Cedars module, the claims module, enables data processing and quality assurance for energy efficiency and demand side response accomplishment data; prior to Cedars, the CPUC invested significant funds to manually process and quality check those data. Following the claims module, the filings module was added to enable data processing and assure quality for program administrator budget applications. We recently finished the third module to process and assure quality for program administrator monthly reports.

Cedars includes API integration with other CPUC servers, one of which is an Ubuntu - Windows integration. The first API integration pulls value list data from the Database of Energy Efficiency Resources (DEER) and the Cost Effectiveness Tool (CET) servers to enforce data validation rules as part of the data processing quality assurance. The second integration is with CET server, for the integration Cedars sends data inputs to the CET server and receives back calculated outputs.

2017 November 14 14:30 UTC
50 min
PGConf Local: Seattle [PgConf.US]