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Jacobus Prinsloo is a Computer Engineer at Aerosud. He completed his BEng. and BEng. Honours degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Pretoria. His main area of expertise is in C++ and embedded programming. Currently he is the software control system developer of the Aeroswift Additive Manufacturing project being developed at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) National Laser Center.

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The main goal of the Aeroswift Additive Manufacturing (also known as 3D Printing) project is to manufacture titanium aircraft parts for clients such as Boeing and Airbus. Due to the stringent regulations and certification standards required for aircraft parts, the Aeroswift machine and its processes need to be qualified before manufactured parts are deemed safe to fly. To this end, all process related information needs to be captured and archived in such a way that it is possible to gather the information required to qualify parts, detect process issues etc. a Postgres based data logging software component has been developed to log almost all available data sources in the system as well as extract the required data from the database for different uses. This talk will give an overview of the project and explain how Postgres is currently used in the machine and planned future work.

Carte Blanche also did a segment on the project. Click on this link to view the full video:

20 min
South Africa 2017