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South Africa 2017

The first PGConf in South Africa will take place in Cape Town on 3 October 2017! This is an opportunity for the developer community who use Postgres to get to know each other, exchange ideas and get training. Jim Mlodgenski will be our keynote speaker for the event.

If you have questions send an email to

The event will be at the riverclub and includes tea and coffee and a lunch.

For Python lovers, pyconza is held at the same venue the three days after pgconf.




SouthAfrica2017 has the most awesome program ever!
See rock-star speakers cover the topics of


Some fun with JSONB and LISTEN/NOTIFY by Kobus Wolvaardt

PostgreSQL the TimeSeries database by Martin Slabber

The Synergy between PostgreSQL and Python by Bernhardt Garlipp

Accessing Postgres Over a Web API by Chukwudi Nwachukwu

Testing, debugging and deploying stored procedures in Postgres by Margrit Drescher

Panel discussion by Kobus Wolvaardt

Securing your PostgreSQL database by Malcolm McLean

Aeroswift: The world's largest and fastest powder bed fusion Additive Manufacturing (AM) machine by Jacobus Prinsloo

Agriculture & PostgrSQL - Agri Technovation by Albert Bijker

How we use postgresql in our medical and financial software by Kobus Wolvaardt

Utilising PostgreSQL in a realtime transactional system by Malcolm McLean

Keynote by Jim Mlodgenski

Strategic Autovacuum by Jim Mlodgenski

Introduction to PostgreSQL Performance Tuning by Jim Mlodgenski

The River Club

Observatory / South Africa

The River Club
Liesbeek Parkway
Observatory, Cape Town
South Africa