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Chris A. Pieterse

GoodX Software

Full Stack Developer / Software Gardner at GoodX Software

Current :

Linux environment, with PSQL, Python, JavaScript, HTML5 technology stack.

  • PostgreSQL 9.6 powered persistence layer
  • CherryPy powered application layer
  • Knockout.JS powered presentation layer

New feature development and innovation in Medical business software with online services(bookings; quotations; claims-processing).

Past :

Microsoft Enterprise environment, with MsSql, C#, JavaScript, HTML 5 technology stack.

  • SqlServer powered persistence layer
  • ASP.Net 4.5 powered application layer
  • MVC 4 powered presentation layer
  • Angular 1.6 powered presentation layer

Client based Lead Analyst Developer, automating internal financial systems, designing and implementing web-based workflow management systems.

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Event stores enable us to perceive other 'dimensions’ of data. Object oriented datastores run the risk of losing valuable state transition information. The CQRS design pattern distinguishes between mutable commands and immutable queries, allowing different data stores to be used by the systems respective responsibilities. Event stores work perfectly for persisting command - and resulting event - data. Current state can be generated by hydrating the set of historical events onto an initial state, keeping state transition data intact, and informative.

2019 October 8 15:50 SAST
40 min
South Africa 2019
Case Studies