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Andrew Turpin

Cyber-Mint (Pty) Ltd

Andrew (alias Bank-Builder), Chief Operating Officer at Grindrod Bank, has an extensive background in payment systems technology, retail banking, and general banking operations. Andrew started his career as a Science, Mathematics and Computer Science teacher, and has since been involved in several entrepreneurial businesses. He is a co-founder of the House4Hack maker-space, and in his off-time enjoys being a mentor to startup teams.

Andrew is an open-source groupie, a patent holder of several fascinating but sadly defunct patents, an avid proponent of equitable access to financial services, has built his own two-seater aircraft, and believes that changing the world for the better is worth getting up for every morning. Andrew holds a MBA from the University of Pretoria, and is married with three children and lives in South Africa.

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This journey is an exploration of time range data using history tables in a scenario where micro-services utilising PostgreSQL databases rely on logical replication to publish to an eventually consistent canonical database.

The desired solution would allow for history tables to be automatically dealt with in the canonical database through temporal_tables & trigger magic and logical replication.

Micro-Services & Logical DB Replication

Temporal Journey on GitHub

2019 October 8 10:30 SAST
40 min
South Africa 2019
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