Mini NYC 2019 Program

 Mario Ishikawa Machine monitoring goes open source: Leveraging Industrial IoT data with Timescale

presented by Mario Ishikawa

Industrial automation has relied on sensors, data collection and time-series database for decades. With the increasing adoption of IoT, what has changed on this market? This talk outlines how IoT professionals can learn with the industrial background, as well as new IoT technologies such as Timescale can leverage the shop floor.

18:20 - 19:10 3rd Floor
Joshua D. Drake Postgresql V12: Features and Migration Considerations

presented by Joshua D. Drake

With each major release PostgreSQL continues to cement itself as the platform of choice for enterprise after enterprise. Join us in exploring the latest release, it's features and some important migration considerations.

19:10 - 20:00 3rd Floor
David Kohn Advanced compression in TimescaleDB with hybrid row/columnar storage

presented by David Kohn

Storage systems like databases and file systems have long used compression to reduce their storage footprint. Yet the most effective compression were traditionally limited to column stores, where increased data-type locality provides greater options for advanced techniques. It has often been assumed that fundamental differences between column-store and row-store architectures lead to these op...


20:20 - 21:10 3rd Floor