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Jim Walker

Cockroach Labs

Jim is a developer who has spent a large part of his career helping people understand complex, emerging technology. He is passionate about distributed systems, data and open source technologies. He is also a startup-aholic and loves building apps and new communities. He is currently the VP of Product Marketing at Cockroach Labs and has helped build companies like Hortonworks and CoreOS. Jim has a BS from the University of Illinois at Chicago, a MS from Carnegie Mellon University.


Chris Casano

Cockroach Labs

Dirty reads, phantom reads, write skew, ACID rain? These are all data concerns that are often overlooked, but can be very troubling and super expensive. Are you familiar with database isolation levels and how they can impact these data integrity?

In this session, we walk through a definition of these potential data issues and then map them talk about database isolation levels. We will then speak to how CockroachDB delivers serializable isolation in a distributed environment to ensure these issues won’t plague your application. We will cover...

  • Common data consistency issues
  • Transaction isolation levels
  • Application best practices for retries
  • Transactions in a distributed environment
  • CockroachDB and PostgreSQL compatibility

2020 October 7 10:00 UTC
1 h
Postgres Webinar Series
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