Conference Highlights

Getting Started with PostGIS and OpenStreetMap

This is the first of six (6) sessions covering how to find, load, and consume OpenStreetMap data using PostGIS and PostgreSQL. This session covers what PostGIS and OpenStreetMap are, and why they are important in our modern world. No prior experience with PostGIS or OpenStreetMap is required for this introductory session.

Feb 25 How to Move Data from Oracle to Postgres in Near-Real Time

Replicating live data (thousands of events per second) from Oracle to Postgres doesn’t have to be difficult. But the latency and complexity of traditional solutions, such as ETL, legacy CDC and homegrown scripts, have proven to be costly and inefficient. When you are replicating live data from one data platform to another, the process should be simple, inexpensive and as near real time as possible in order to provide a positive impact on decision making and reporting. The Equalum approach...


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