Conference Highlights

Apr 15 The Architecture of a Geo-Distributed SQL Database

Join us for a deep dive into the internals of CockroachDB, an open source, distributed SQL database. In this technical presentation, Bill Kendall will cover the usage of Raft for consensus, the challenges of data distribution, distributed SQL execution, and how CockroachDB has solved some of the thornier challenges of distributed ACID transactions and SQL optimization.

Apr 29 How to Deploy a SQL Database on Kubernetes

CockroachDB was architected as a cloud-native database and is a perfect choice for your distributed applications and services that run on Kubernetes. Please join us for this webinar where we will provide a hands-on demo of running CockroachDB on Kubernetes. We will talk through: How to use Persistent Volumes with each CockroachDB pod How to use Replica Sets to manage the cluster Attaching an application to CockroachDB

May 19 Working with JSON Data in PostgreSQL vs. MongoDB

Developers love working with JSON. Document stores like MongoDB have proved to be very popular. Both MongoDB and PostgreSQL have built-in support for the 'JSON' data type. Understand the pros and cons of working with JSON in both of these databases - when should you use MongoDB vs. PostgreSQL? If you are already comfortable with PostgresSQL, should you continue to use it for your JSON data? In this session, Dharshan will delve into both the functional aspects and non-functional aspects...

How to Move Data from Oracle to Postgres in Near-Real Time

Replicating live data (thousands of events per second) from Oracle to Postgres doesn’t have to be difficult. But the latency and complexity of traditional solutions, such as ETL, legacy CDC and homegrown scripts, have proven to be costly and inefficient. When you are replicating live data from one data platform to another, the process should be simple, inexpensive and as near real time as possible in order to provide a positive impact on decision making and reporting. The Equalum approach...


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