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Julian Fischer

anynines GmbH

Julian Fischer, CEO of anynines, has dedicated his career to the automation of software operations. In more than fifteen years, he has built several application platforms. In recent years he has been using Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry and BOSH. Within the field of platform automation, Julian has a strong focus on data service automation at scale.

In this talk you will learn about the distilled experience of operating thousands of PostgreSQL database servers. The presentation covers feedback gathered from operating a full lifecycle automation for PostgreSQL across all major on-premise and public infrastructures. Find out how enterprise requirements can be met at scale using state of the art open source tools. A series of common pitfalls along with it best practice counterparts are presented. More specifically, an open source based toolset to continuously ship new PostgreSQL versions into production environments will be presented. Strategies to organize zero downtime deployments, horizontal and vertical scaling, monitoring, logical backups and point in time recovery with offsite replication that work at scale will be elaborated. Join this talk and you will learn about the exciting journey of turning PostgreSQL into a cloud native data service.

2020 June 23 10:00 UTC
1 h
Postgres Webinar Series
Case Study
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