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Joshua D. Drake

Command Prompt, Inc.

Joshua (JD) Drake is the President and CTO of Command Prompt, Inc., the oldest Postgres Company. He is also the Founder and Co-Chair of Postgres Conference (PostgresConf), the largest non-profit Postgres Community and Ecosystem conference. The founder of United States PostgreSQL (PgUS) and a Director for PgCentral, Inc. He has been using, deploying and extending PostgreSQL and related technologies since 1997.

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Erez Alsheich


Erez is data management veteran with over 25 years of experience in various hands-on and managerial roles. He specialties include design of complex and large systems, performance tuning, data replication and control & monitoring. Erez started his career as an Oracle DBA in the Israeli Defense Forces, he was nominated "Oracle ACE" by Oracle for his expertise and community (Oracle User Group) contributions.

Prior to joining Equalum, Erez was a data consultant for 16 years. During this period he founded, led and sold two data consulting companies. A frequent speaker, he has led many technical lectures, conference sessions and meetups.

Replicating live data (thousands of events per second) from Oracle to Postgres doesn’t have to be difficult. But the latency and complexity of traditional solutions, such as ETL, legacy CDC and homegrown scripts, have proven to be costly and inefficient. When you are replicating live data from one data platform to another, the process should be simple, inexpensive and as near real time as possible in order to provide a positive impact on decision making and reporting.

The Equalum approach of using tried and true open source data frameworks is not only required for the sophisticated Postgres professional, it is paramount to the stability and extensibility of our software. Equalum allows enterprises to succeed with known protocols, excellent flexibility and true production quality deployments of mix-platform data pipelines.

Join this webinar with PostgresConf and Equalum to learn how to accurately and safely move data from Oracle to Postgres.. We will discuss:

The importance of extremely scalable data ingestion Why real time data transformations are critical Why complexity is no longer acceptable and how to radically simplify data ingestion

2020 May 7 10:00 UTC
1 h
Postgres Webinar Series
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