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Tatiana Krupenya

DBeaver Corp

CEO of DBeaver Corp. PostgreSQL is one of the most popular database among DBeaver users. We are glad to be a part of Postgres community.

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The number of PostgeSQL forks keeps growing. Some of them are really ancient, while others are relatively new.

Redshift, Greenplum, Cockroach, Timescale, RDS, Vertica, you name it. All modern clouds have their own forks of traditional PostgreSQL.

But are these databases our familiar PostgreSQL, or something absolutely different?

DBeaver supports all the main PostgreSQL forks, and we can confidently say that it is really surprising to find unexpected differences or similarities. If you’re considering adding such a database to your environment or migrating to one of them, we will be glad to share our findings, tips, and tricks that will save you time.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Where can you come across differences in PostgreSQL forks and why it can become a problem? We will show you the main differences in forks’ metadata, how custom data types are handled by different engines, and how native tools like pg_dump function in forks

  • Specific details about many of the most popular PostgreSQL forks such as Redshift, Greenplum, Cockroach, PostgreSQL in Clouds (AWS RDS, Google, Azure), and even Vertica and Netezza

  • Tips for the database schema and data migration between forks

1 h
Postgres Webinar Series
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