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Sebastian Dressler has a wealth of experience in connecting hardware with software building creative solutions. He is Solution Architect at Swarm64, helping customers fully understand how to fit Swarm64 technology into their environments. Sebastian holds an MSc from the TU Berlin in Computer Science. Neovim is his favorite editor.

Join us on September 9 for a 45-minute webinar on parallelism in PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL can apply parallel processing to speed up query performance. But the PostgreSQL query planner and internals are complex, making it a challenge to predict how parallel processing will affect different queries.

In this webinar, you’ll learn parallelism best practices to maximize your PostgreSQL query performance.

Swarm64 Solution Architect, Sebastian Dressler, will explain:

  • A brief history of parallelism in PostgreSQL
  • What parallel processing does and does not accelerate in PostgreSQL
  • How to increase parallelism to speed up queries
  • Common mistakes that block parallelism in PostgreSQL
  • PostgreSQL parallelism best practices
  • Database configuration
  • Hardware choices
  • Determining which queries will benefit most from parallelism

2020 September 9 10:00
1 h
Postgres Webinar Series
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