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KaiGai Kohei has been a contributor of PostgreSQL and Linux kernel over ten years, especially, at security, database-federation, extensible executor and so on. Also, he has been the primary developer of PG-Strom since 2012, It is an extension of PostgreSQL to accelerate analytic and reporting queries using GPU and NVME.

He founded HeteroDB,Inc at 2017 for productization of the PG-Strom technology and democratization of data analytics.

Nowadays, GPU is not only for computing intensive workloads, but for I/O intensive big-data workloads also.

This talk introduces how SSD-to-GPU Direct SQL, implemented as extension of PostgreSQL, optimizes data flow from storages to processors over PCIe-bus for efficient execution of analytic/reporting workloads.

Combination of this technology with comprehensive database features (e.g, columnar-store, partitioned tables, ...) pulled out maximum capability of the latest hardwares, for more than billion rows per second grade data processing on a single-node PostgreSQL server.

Its main focus is log-data processing on IoT/M2M area where tons of data is generated day-by-day. Our approach allows to simplify the system landscape, and utilize engineer's knowledge and experiences of PostgreSQL.

In short, this talk contains the items below from the technology viewpoint.

  • SSD-to-GPU Direct SQL
  • Columnar-store (Arrow_Fdw)
  • PCIe-bus level optimization using table partitioning
  • Benchmark results
  • Customer case (under the negotiation)

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2020 October 6 09:00 UTC
1 h
Postgres Webinar Series
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