Conference Highlights

Jun 21 Hari Kiran and Cady Motyka

An Open Approach to Asynchronous Multi-master Replication With PostgreSQL

Spock is an open (source available) PostgreSQL extension for logical replication that supports creating Multi-Master Clusters. In this Webinar we will go over the architecture and functionality of this extension and the type of use cases that can benefit from a Multi-Master cluster, such as: High-Availability Zero-Down time maintenance and major version upgrades Global Cluster for low latency global applications Using the pgEdge Platform CLI, we will show a quick start on how to...

Aug 30 Ahsan Hadi and Cady Motyka

Enhancing pgLogical with Multi-Master Features

pgLogical was a step forward in logical replication for PostgreSQL database users. Recently released, pgEdge, with its Spock extension, has overcome many of the limitations pgLogical users have faced with distributed applications such as fault tolerance, data consistency, conflict resolution, and performance. This webinar will provide an overview and demonstration of pgEdge’s game-changing advanced asynchronous replication capabilities to support your distributed applications. You...

Sep 20 Joshua D. Drake

PostgresWorld Presents: A Live Digital Privacy Event with EFF, Sponsored by Command Prompt and The More than a Refresh Podcast

What’s the future of the internet? Will it survive the next marketing-generated hype cycle? Why is there an ethical dilemma linking the internet and the stock market? Is anyone really thinking about these issues? Postgres World, in conjunction with Command Prompt Inc’s ( More than a Refresh ( podcast, is thrilled to present an hour long discussion with Cooper Quintin, Senior Staff Technologist at [The...


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