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Joshua D. Drake

Command Prompt, Inc.

Joshua (JD) Drake is the President and CTO of Command Prompt, Inc., the oldest Postgres Company. He is also the Founder and Co-Chair of Postgres Conference (PostgresConf), the largest non-profit Postgres Community and Ecosystem conference. The founder of United States PostgreSQL (PgUS) and a Director for PgCentral, Inc. He has been using, deploying and extending PostgreSQL and related technologies since 1997.

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What’s the future of the internet? Will it survive the next marketing-generated hype cycle? Why is there an ethical dilemma linking the internet and the stock market? Is anyone really thinking about these issues?

Postgres World, in conjunction with Command Prompt Inc’s More than a Refresh podcast, is thrilled to present an hour long discussion with Cooper Quintin, Senior Staff Technologist at The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). Join us live as he talks about the problem of e-carceration, overhyped technology, and how to save the internet.

2023 September 20 13:00 EDT
1 h
PostgresWorld Zoom
Postgres World Webinars 2023
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