Regina Obe is a world-renowned PostGIS spatial database expert and connoisseur of all things PostgreSQL. She has over 20 years professional experience in various programming languages and database systems. She is a member of the PostGIS project steering committee, the PostGIS core development team, pgRouting development team, and Geometry Open Source Library (GEOS) development and project steering committees.

She is a co-author of several PostgreSQL related books with her husband, Leo Hsu:

  • PostGIS in Action (2nd edition, 3rd edition in the works), published by Manning Publications,
  • PostgreSQL: Up and Running, (now in 3rd Edition), published by O'Reilly Media,
  • pgRouting: A Practical Guide (publisher, LocatePress).

She and Leo are currently working on an upcoming PostgreSQL book (publisher: No Starch Press).

Regina Obe presents 2 Events: