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Timescale Sponsor Highlight Blog for PostgresConf Silicon Valley 2019

 As part of the countdown to PostgresConf Silicon Valley, learn more about featured Partner Sponsor Timescale, including their commitment to partnering with and contributing to the Postgres community.


Tell us about your commitment to the PostgreSQL Community.

As some background, TimescaleDB is built on top of PostgreSQL. By using PostgreSQL as a foundation, we’re able to give users scalable SQL for time-series data. 

We’re committed to increasing the usability of PostgreSQL and its compatibility with other products in the data ecosystem, which is why we’ve created software that helps others leverage the power of PostgreSQL. In addition to TimescaleDB, we’ve created many open source tools, such as pg_prometheus, a PostgreSQL extension for data from the popular monitoring system Prometheus; the prometheus-postgresql-adapter, which allows users to use PostgreSQL as a long term store for time-series metrics from Prometheus; the TimescaleDB/Postgres editor for Grafana, which is a visual query editor for the PostgreSQL datasource in the visualization tool Grafana; and a PostgreSQL output plugin for Telegraf, a machine monitoring tool.

Understanding how the community is using Postgres helps bring more awareness to the community's diversity and needs, which is why we recently created the State of Postgres survey. If you’re a Postgres user, please contribute to the community and take the survey!


What is the best thing about working with the Postgres community?

We believe that the Postgres community is rapidly growing. Everyone’s eager to get involved, willing to listen and learn, and most importantly, willing to collaborate. 

We’ve seen countless examples in the Timescale Community Slack of users jumping in to help each other solve problems or to offer interesting points of view.

The community has also proved to be a great source of talent for Timescale, as we’ve hired many engineers who were PostgreSQL users and active community members. If you’re interested in working at Timescale, see our careers page!


Why is Postgres an ideal foundation to build a database?

Postgres was the ideal foundation for us to build TimescaleDB because it’s open source, SQL based, and has an active community. However, the main advantage was the fact that we could leverage its 30 years of reliability and stability that was already in existence. Additionally, Postgres has a robust ecosystem and many tools/extensions available.  For these reasons, Postgres allowed us to stand on the shoulders of giants, despite being a relatively young company.


Tell us why you believe people should attend PostgresConf Silicon Valley 2019 in San Jose.

PostgresConf SV is a great place to learn from people using Postgres in production! You get to meet members of the community face to face and form relationships that can lead to future collaboration. 

Timescale is also giving two great talks about our work with Postgres which we encourage you to come and check out: Advanced Compression in TimescaleDB with Hybrid Row/Culmnar Storage  (Thursday, September 19 from 4:20pm - 5:10pm) and Creating Continually Up to Date Materialized Aggregates  (Thursday, September 19 from 12pm - 12:50pm).

See you at PostgresConf Silicon Valley 2019!

Amanda Nystrom     August 27, 2019