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Oleg Bartunov

Postgres Professional

Oleg Bartunov, a major PostgreSQL developer, has been involved in PostgreSQL development since 1996 ( he introduced locale support). He is one of the author of the PostgreSQL extendability infrastructure (GiST, GIN, SP-GiST) and several popular non-atomic data types, such as, arrays, full text search, NoSQL (hstore and jsonb). His latest contribution is a new access method RUM, which greatly improves full text search.

Oleg graduated from the Astronomy department of the Physics department at Lomonosov's Moscow State University. During his professional work at Sternberg Astronomical Institute (SAI MSU) he realized he needed a free and powerful open-source database like PostgreSQL (Postgres95 that time). Since then he extensively used PostgreSQL in his scientific work and many other projects. Oleg is an active member of Russian PostgreSQL community, he advocated the adoption of PostgreSQL by astronomical community. One of his scientific projects make use of scalable indexing of multi-terabytes sky catalogues developed for PostgreSQL, which outperforms known techniques used in commercial databases.

His main interests are Informaton Retrieval, Databases Extensibility, Algorithms and Data Structures, Service-Oriented Architecture for Science and XLDB for Science. In spare time he like to play volleyball, running and trekking in Himalaya.

Jsonb in Postgres is one of the attractive feature for modern application developers, which allows efficient work with json documents without sacrificing strong consistency and ability to use all the power of proven relational technology. The rich Jsonb infrastructure in Postgres, which includes a lot of functions, operator, indexes and other details, might be difficult to users, that is why we will provide a guidance of how to use jsonb: how to generate or convert data into jsonb, how to manipulate your jsonb data, how to avoid common mistakes and performance problems. We will also present results of universally recognized YCSB benchmarks for PostgreSQL, MongoDB and MySQL. Also, we will discuss some new jsonb functionality expected in future releases, including support of SQL-2016 standard , jsonb compression, better support for long jsonb documents and others.

50 min
PGConf US 2017 [PgConf.US]