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Elisabeth Hendrickson is the Vice President, Data R&D, at Pivotal and is responsible for the development of big data solutions. Prior to that, she worked with Pivotal Labs and held leadership positions in Pivotal's Cloud R&D organization.

Elisabeth brings a combination of agile, cloud, and devops experience to Pivotal's big data products. Under her leadership, the R&D teams have successfully transitioned to an agile, iterative approach, shipping releases of enterprise-class data products on a frequent cadence.

Early on, Elisabeth worked at Sybase, where she developed a love of all things Data.

Elisabeth is a recognized as a leader in agile software development and received the prestigious Gordon Pask Award from the Agile Alliance. She is also the author of Explore It! from Pragmatic Bookshelf.


Jacque Istok


Jacque Istok serves as the Head of Data for Pivotal, responsible for setting both data strategy and execution of pre and post sales activities for data engineering and data science. Prior to that, he was Field CTO helping customers architect and understand how the entire Pivotal portfolio could be leveraged appropriately. A hands on technologist, Mr. Istok has been implementing and advising customers in the architecture of big data applications and back end infrastructure the majority of his career. Prior to Pivotal, Mr. Istok co-founded Professional Innovations, Inc. in 1999, a leading consulting services provider in the business intelligence, data warehousing, and enterprise performance management space, and served as its President and Chairman. Mr. Istok is on the board of several emerging startup companies and serves as their strategic technical advisor.

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​Learn ​how Postgres as a core engine creates the fabric for large scale analytics on ​multi​structured data, and why Greenplum is perfectly positioned in the ​Postgres ecosystem to be the ​main option for big ​data ​workloads.

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PostgresConf US 2018
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