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Jacque Istok


Jacque Istok serves as the Head of Data for Pivotal, responsible for setting both data strategy and execution of pre and post sales activities for data engineering and data science. Prior to that, he was Field CTO helping customers architect and understand how the entire Pivotal portfolio could be leveraged appropriately. A hands on technologist, Mr. Istok has been implementing and advising customers in the architecture of big data applications and back end infrastructure the majority of his career. Prior to Pivotal, Mr. Istok co-founded Professional Innovations, Inc. in 1999, a leading consulting services provider in the business intelligence, data warehousing, and enterprise performance management space, and served as its President and Chairman. Mr. Istok is on the board of several emerging startup companies and serves as their strategic technical advisor.

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Shaun Litt

Conversant Media

Shaun Litt is the principal data platform architect responsible for big data solutions and systems at Conversant where he built the company's first user accessible data warehouse using Greenplum Database. Currently Conversant leverages Greenplum Database and Hadoop together to manage its multi-petabyte data platform, with Shaun and his team working tirelessly to power the business with more data and more automated analytics and reporting. Prior to joining Conversant Shaun was the enterprise architect at Sears Holdings for Data Integration. In total Shaun has spent the past 15 years building big data solutions for some of the nation’s largest companies specializing in ETL, MPP database and Hadoop technologies.

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Niels Kasch

Miner & Kasch

Niels Kasch combines extensive experience in machine learning, analytics, and business knowledge to solve his customers’ key business challenges. An expert in natural language processing, he has developed large-scale, state-of-the-art semantic analysis technologies for combatting financial fraud in the finance industry, and text analytics solutions for mitigating risk in the construction industry. He has delivered high quality analytics and data products to Fortune 500 clients and startups alike, covering industries from automotive to utilities. His leadership in framing strategic analytics visions for enterprises has led to the building of several innovative data science teams for his customers. Niels is a world traveler with his home base in Columbia, Maryland.

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Jacque Istok, Head of Data at Pivotal, will moderate a panel discussion with senior data practitioners on massively operationalizing analytics on the Greenplum database.

2018 April 19 10:20 EDT
20 min
Liberty II-III
PostgresConf US 2018
Greenplum Summit