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Ben Collins

Ben Collins is Project Lead for FoundationDB. Ben was an early committer on the project and has worked on core features, testing, and bindings. He currently manages the FoundationDB team at Apple, which both develops on the FoundationDB KV Store and operates it as a service for internal customers. Ben, along with other key people, guides the FoundationDB Open Source Community.

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The FoundationDB Key Value store exposes an API with a strong resemblance to a B-Tree storage engine. This API is similar to internal APIs used in most RDBMSs, the API has concepts such as global versions and allows for MVCC operations. The design goal this this API was to mimic such a storage engine API such that it could be a state storage layer that would allow for the development of full database stacks above.

Unlike other similar concurrent and transactional APIs, this store is implemented as a distributed system. As such, this allows for the possibility of scale-out at an abstraction layer not historically open for this possibility. Software built using FoundationDB’s KV store have a new level of abstraction for scaling but also require a new set of considerations not generally made. If a database project was to consider using FoundationDB as a scale-out state store care would have to be taken to align implementation assumptions.

This talk will cover the essential design requirements for such a system and dive into some of the building blocks for developing the FoundationDB KV store, especially focused on testing.

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2019 March 21 13:00 EDT
50 min
Postgres Conference