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Jobin Augustine has an overall experience of 17 years in PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL databases technologies. He has always been an active participant in the OpenSource communities, especially database communities and as an OpenSource advocate. He is a contributor to various OpenSource Projects and he loves to code in C++ and Python in his free time. He worked for OpenSCG for 2 Years and Dell for 10 years as a Database expert previously.

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Title : Divide and Conquer data:- Advanced Methods for partitioning and sharding data - Latest developments

  • Abstract
  • Historically PostgreSQL was not known for features available for horizontal scalability in handling large data sets. Many PostgreSQL based systems were designed to handle specific types of business cases. But the PostgreSQL as its core was a bit lagging behind. Things started changing over a period of time. New partitioning methods and features for sharding started emerging. This presentation is about smarter choices available today and the major points to be considered for choosing them. This talk is about the right choices to make while designing and planning a system.

  • This presentation includes:

    • A closer look at scalability in the database world.
    • Why divide and conquer is the right approach.
    • New partitioning features in PostgreSQL.
    • How to partition data across multiple PostgreSQL servers.
    • Advanced extensions available for PostgreSQL - Citus data, TimescaleDB.
    • Smart use of FDWs - Clickhousedb - Data from other data sources.

2019 March 21 15:20 EDT
50 min
New York Ballroom East
Postgres Conference
Ops and Administration