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Jonathan Salama


Jonathan Salama is the CTO and co-founder of Transfix, a leading online freight marketplace that brings immediate capacity and guaranteed reliability for those seeking smarter, lower cost ways to move freight.

Prior to launching Transfix, Jonathan was an early addition to the core engineering team at Gilt Groupe, where he transitioned to a dynamic leadership role after 4 years. There, he was responsible for managing a team of skilled engineers tasked with developing and enhancing the technology and software infrastructure that power the platform. Jonathan also held the position of lead software engineer at Cherry, an on-demand car wash startup that was later acquired by Lyft.

Salama earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Miami. He currently resides in Jersey City, NJ with his wife, daughter and his mini golden doodle.

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Karina Ruzinov


Karina's love for logistics is almost at the level of her love of corgis. After her first taste of moving freight at Warby Parker, she decided to join Transfix as a software engineer to live and breathe logistics full time. Now she leads a team that builds tools to power our carrier base and strengthen relationships with our carrier partners.

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Have you ever tried to debug an API endpoint and realized it wasn’t your nested for loops taking a long time, but in reality it was a seemingly innocuous query. We did too. This led us down a path of learning the ins and outs of index storage, functionality, and benefits.

An index can both be very powerful and very dangerous, at the same time, unless you understand the right place and time to use them. It can speed up your reads but also slow down your writes or worse...

During a deep dive into some long running transactions, we realized we had plenty of indexes on our tables but not always the right ones. We began to question, how do indexes work? What is the most impactful way to use them? Lastly, where should we not use them? Answering these questions allowed us to cut down transaction time alerts and improve our engineer’s quality of sleep.

2019 March 20 14:30 EDT
20 min
Riverside Ballroom
Postgres Conference
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