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Oskari Saarenmaa is the CEO and one of the founders of Aiven, a next-generation managed cloud services company offering the best Open Source database and messaging technologies as fully-managed cloud services to businesses around the world. Oskari has previously worked as a software architect designing secure, large-scale database systems and network security infrastructure.

Oskari has been using PostgreSQL professionally since the version 6.4 back in 1999.

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Aiven PostgreSQL is a fully managed cloud service available in six different public cloud providers' infrastructure in more than 70 regions around the world. This has given us a unique opportunity to benchmark and compare performance of similar configurations in different environments.

We're previously focused benchmarking two different VM sizes with five providers, but now we're also including bare metal options and looking at the performance characteristics of different IO backends, including NVMe local disks and different kinds of network-attached storage.

During this session we'll discuss the pros, cons and cost of different approaches and share our benchmark methods and results.

2019 March 20 09:00 EDT
50 min
Riverside Ballroom
Postgres Conference
Ops and Administration