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Liz Frost


Liz is a software engineer, diversity advocate, and fan of colourful ponies. She works at VMware née Heptio on Kubernetes and has previously spoken at Kubecon, DevOpsDays Boston and AlterConf Portland. She lives in New York City with her chosen family and extremely fluffy dog. You can find her on Twitter at @stillinbeta for selfies and dog pictures.

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My day job is as a Kubernetes project contributor, and Postgres Foreign Data Wrappers have always held a special place in my heart. Combining them is only natural.

Kubernetes uses etcd as its data store, but it maps very well onto Postgres. All APIs follow a very uniform schema that makes programmatically mapping objects to tables easy. The user experience I settled on makes it easy to present exactly the data you want, not the entire object.

Unlike most postgres extensions, the Kubernetes wrapper is written in go. Kubernetes is a Go project, and as a Kubernetes contributor my Go is a lot better than my C. Luckily, Go has a robust FFI for C that makes working in both languages easier than it might be otherwise. I will give a primer on how this works, and

I’ll show off the sort of queries you can do with a Postgres Kubernetes database, especially ones that would be difficult from the command line. Finally, ideas for future expansion will be discussed to make the wrapper even more useful.

2019 March 21 14:30 EDT
20 min
Postgres Conference