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``` Henrietta Dombrovskaya is a database researcher and developer with over 35 years of academic and industrial experience. She holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Saint Petersburg, Russia. At present she is

  • A Senior Cloud Consultant at Enterprise DB
  • Local Organizer of the Chicago PostgreSQL User Group
  • Active community member, a frequent speaker at the PostgreSQL Conferences
  • A researcher focused on developing efficient interactions between applications and databases; publications include Proceedings of EDBT 2014 Athens, ICDE 2016 in Helsinki, and SOFSEM 2020 Limassol
  • A winner of the “Technologist of the Year” 2019 award of the Illinois Technology Association
  • An author of PostgreSQL Query Optimization book ```
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Boris Novikov

National Research University "Higher School of Economics"

Boris Novikov is currently a professor, the Department of Informatics at National Research University Higher School of Economics in Saint Petersbirg. He graduated from Leningrad University (school of mathematics and mechanics) worked for Saint Petersburg university for several years and moved to the current position in Jan. 2019. Research interests are in a broad area of information management and include several aspects of design, development and tuning databases, applications, and database management systems, as well as distributed scalable systems for stream processing and analytics.

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Abstract: Is it possible to teach somebody to optimize? Or is optimization a sort of magic, available only for the limited circle of wizards? We believe that it is entirely possible to become an optimization wizard, and we are going to prove it in the course of this training. We will provide the participants with the opportunity to look at the process of query writing “as a database engine”, and will teach them “how to think, as a database engine”.

The topics which will be covered include:

  • What is a performant system, and how we measure performance
  • Performance in OLTP and OLAP systems
  • What are short queries and long queries and how to distinguish one from another
  • Join algorithms and how to control them
  • Indexes, good and bad, how to use and how not to use them
  • The art of full scan
  • The usage of functions: how they can improve performance, and how they can degrade it
  • Application/database interaction: how you can improve application performance
  • The power of generated queries

The training will end with the presentation of the Ultimate Optimization Algorithm, which guides a database developer through the process of optimizing virtually any query

6 h
Postgres Conference 2020
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