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Heiko Onnebrink


Heiko Onnebrink is since 25+ years database administrator, working as Oracle Consultant and freelancer in the area of Oracle databases. Some years ago it was time for a change and since then embraced the world of clouds, open source technologies, RESTful APIs and container technology. One of his challenges in the past year was to design a PostgreSQL database self service portal.

Currently he is the principal domain architect of core infrastructure at METRO|NOM, with 1800 employees working in the IT area the biggest software company you never heard about.

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In the new world of digital readiness databases are expected to be provisioned in any cloud location. DevOps teams want to consume databases as a self-service and control all operations without the need to be database experts.

At METRO|NOM we run 3000+ Oracle databases on premise in a ticket driven organisation, far away from what DevOps team expect. There was a need to do something completely new and it was time to look at PostgreSQL.

This talk will give you insights into our PostgreSQL cross-cloud self service that we build. It's fully based on Docker containers, Git, build pipelines, a high-available distributed RESTful API and a UI on top that our DevOps teams love to work with.

20 min
Postgres Conference 2020
Ops and Administration