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A Computer geeks, antivirus developer (was), Science enthusiasts. Yes, I respect him very much, a truly polymath in person; one in a billion, perhaps. An Open Source early adopter in Indonesia, C/C++ Developer, Full-stack Software Solution Architect. Believe in Open Source; Combining Open Source spirit and Customer oriented business. Run IT Solution business as an alternative solution for Enterprises in adopting Solution based on Open Source. That is a long time passion in my life, giving contribution to our society especially to our country and region. We are determined to develop independence IT solution to avoid vendor lock in and vendor dependencies. Electrical Engineer graduates, high compassionate in helping peoples, because helping others is helping ourselves, we are one. To be happy is to share.

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PostgreSQL has gain great traction in business world, it is becoming a new standard in Financial Institution and Telecommunication Industry. It is a great appreciation from public especially business users, to acknowledge and trust PostgreSQL as part of their day to day mission critical business operation. While there are a great demand, but we lack of some key factor to enable PostgreSQL as the complete solution for business world.

The Ecosystem is not mature yet, there are no standardization of service delivery, service excellence, and there are no way of solution delivery measurement to tell the candidate user to consider solution offering from Vendors. Hence, we need at least a tool to measure objectively, about personal skill set to deliver PostgreSQL as business solution. We know the name of that tool is certification. Actually we are not only need a certification for a person, but also certification for an institution. At least by having standardize certification we can eliminate a problem and will move forward to another solution in the future.

4 Principle of Database Usage in business

We propose a sophisticated method to certify people in their skill expertise on using PostgreSQL day to day in mission critical business challenge (Operation, Management, Improvement and Recovery). There are 8 Aspects of knowledge and skill in PostgreSQL which we need to understand on people who manage PostgreSQL server in business: Administration, Structures, Reliability, Availability, Scalability, Transaction, Analytics and Architecture.

Certification Levels

Structure the Certification into Essentials, Associates, and Professionals, which fit both ways: Users and Vendors. Essentials is only having online test, and great for students, while Associates has passed Hands-On test and interviews. Those complete scenario aim to target mission critical day to day challenge in business.

About the talk

This Talks are not going deep into a technical things, while still there are technical aspects, instead has close relation to the business world. We are open to any ideas, while it has going through some challenges so far. The result of the talks is to strengthen the idea of having global certification method and hopefully become more legitimate throughout out the world, enabling learning and acquiring knowledge and skill freely as the spirit of Open Source.

2020 November 19 14:10 CST
40 min
Virtual - English Sub-Conference B
CHINA 2020 And PGConf.Asia 2020
Everything about Postgres