PgConf US Local: Ohio [PgConf.US] Program

Joshua D. Drake Postgres Performance and Maintenance

presented by Joshua D. Drake

When you are optimizing PostgreSQL it is usually maintenance that goes by the wayside. How do we fix autovacuum? Where did all of this bloat come from? Why am I getting IO spikes? How do I get RDS to behave?! Why are commits so slow on replication? The answer to all of these questions is understanding the relationship between proper Postgres maintenance and performance. Join us for a 3 hour jau...


CANCELED 13:00 - 16:00 Fairfield Training
Joshua D. Drake Postgres v10: An Amplified version of PostgreSQL

presented by Joshua D. Drake

Let's talk about the amazing Postgres v10. In this presentation we will discuss all the major highlights of what is upcoming in the new release. We will cover everything from Replication, performance features to new noSQL functionality. Let's take a ride down this roller coaster and discover why Postgres v10 should be the center of your data universe.

13:00 - 13:50 Fairfield Postgres
Douglas Hunley MVCC in PostgreSQL

presented by Douglas Hunley

This talk discusses the implementation of MVCC as used by PostgreSQL. It describes the need for and role of MVCC, how PostgreSQL accomplishes the same, and what this implementation means for the db engine. We will discuss transactions, readers vs writers, locking, bloat, and autovacuum. You should be familiar with both SQL and PostgreSQL, but the talk aims to be accessible to beginners.

14:00 - 14:50 Fairfield Postgres
Phil Vacca Cloudy With A Chance of Elephants

presented by Phil Vacca

The popularity of the PostgreSQL database has never been higher. Now, all three of the biggest Cloud providers - AWS, MS Azure, and Google Cloud Platform - finally offer Postgres as a hosted service. Add to that one of the earliest and most familiar hosted PostgreSQL solutions, Heroku, and it certainly seems that it has never been easier to have a turn-key solution for the world's most advanced...


15:00 - 15:50 Fairfield Postgres
CJ Estel A MySQL DBA's journey to support and implement PostgreSQL

presented by CJ Estel

CJ Estel will take you through his journey of learning PostgreSQL coming from the world of MySQL. This talk will encompass some of the issues, differences, and similarities that he has encountered while building, configuring, and supporting PostgreSQL database clusters.

This talk will highlight: - Rough equivalents between commands and configuration variables - Replication diffe...


16:00 - 16:50 Fairfield Postgres
Unscheduled events
Bruce Momjian Postgres Window Magic

presented by Bruce Momjian

Normal SQL queries return rows where each row is independent of the other returned rows. SQL window functions allow queries to return computed columns based on values in other rows in the result set. This presentation explains the many window function facilities and how they can be used to produce useful SQL query results.

Jim Mlodgenski Introduction to JavaScript Stored Procedures

presented by Jim Mlodgenski

One of the great features of PostgreSQL is its pluggable language handler allowing many different types of stored procedure languages including JavaScript aka PL/V8. This allows web developers to leverage their existing coding skills when writing database sever-side code. In this talk we will discuss:

  • How to create a PL/V8 function
  • Interacting with database objects
  • Returning resu...