Conference Highlights

Venkatesh Raghavan

Hadoop Can’t Query? (PostgreSQL Features)

With the explosion of data stores and cloud services, data now resides across many disparate systems and in a variety of formats. When multiple data sets exist in external systems, it is often necessary to perform a lengthy ETL (extract, transform, load) operation to get data into the database. But what if we only needed a small subset of the data? What if we only want to query the data to answer a specific question or to create a specific visualization? In this case, it's often more...

Lindsay Hooper

Aggregates in PGX: An Adventure

PostgreSQL provides a lot of functionality to create custom aggregates, a design feature that’s essential to the success of TimescaleDB. Our users often find themselves wanting to extend and build upon the aggregate functions we provide. However, the prospect of creating a performant aggregate function in C, along with the potential of being the long-term maintainer of a new function, can be a high barrier for many would-be contributors. But there’s great news! Not only does PGX help...

Grant Zhou

IvorySQL - An Open Source Oracle-compatible Database Based on PostgreSQL

There are many users who need to migrate their applications from Oracle to the open source Postgres, but in order to support the new database, users often need to re-develop the application, which is inconvenient. If there is a database based on Postgres and compatible with most Oracle syntax and functions, it will be too convenient for customers. However, the official Postgres project will not accept this kind of code submission. After all, Postgres is Postgres, and Oracle is Oracle. So,...


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