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Amit Chauhan


Amit Chauhan is a Pre Sales Engineer at Yugabyte with a deep passion for Data Analytics and Cloud-Native technologies. In his current role, he collaborates with Fortune 500 enterprises to architect their business applications with scalable microservices and geo-distributed, fault-tolerant data backend using YugabyteDB. Prior to joining Yugabyte, he spent 11 years at Verizon as Distinguished Member of technical staff and led the development of several software products for monitoring the wireless network KPIs in real time.

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Join us for a fast-paced, straight-talk, zero-filler show and tell by Yugabyte’s Field Engineers. This demo hour session features two awesome back-to-back demos.

Demo 1: Architecting Resilient, Geo-distributed Stateful Apps Experience the joy of seeing a resilient and failure-resistant Yugabyte database in action. In this demo, we'll see how with a few clicks, Yugabyte database is configured for High Availability, Data Replication is setup, In the face of infrastructure failures how the database self heals, rebalances and just keeps running. All along we witness the live infrastructure topology changes and latency, throughput numbers on a single pane of glass.

Demo 2: Cloud Native Mission Critical Microservices with YugabyteDB As more cloud native applications embrace hybrid cloud deployments, every decision-maker is faced with a challenge of modernizing the relational backend databases and having the data replicated across multiple cloud deployments. At the same time, database solutions need to be resilient in the cloud and also able to scale on-demand to millions of requests (RPS) and thousands of transactions per second (TPS). This demo simulates a real-world Retail marketplace chain which has been undertaking legacy application stack modernization, including transformation from monolithic apps to cloud native microservices and database modernization with distributed and cloud native database.Specifically, the customer wants to simplify how the product catalog is managed across geographically distributed retail stores, also how hundreds of millions of sale transactions are being centralized and aggregated in near real time to enable downstream applications such as demand forecasting, business intelligence

2022 April 7 14:00 PDT
50 min
Silicon Valley 2022
Yugabyte Distributed SQL Summit