Presented by:

  • ARRIETA Andrés (he/him)
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation | Director of Consumer Privacy Engineering
  • San Francisco, CA
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The Electronic Frontier Foundation has been protecting and fighting for our civil liberties for over 30 years. In those 30 years a lot has happened: Our relationship to the internet has fundamentally changed, and yet, in many ways, our understanding of how it works has remained stagnant.

30 years ago, the Internet was a mystical place of wizardry with many unknowns, and a realm which was difficult to access. Today it’s a core part of our life that we have become reliant on, and while it has become far easier than ever to access the many gifts that the Internet provides, understanding of how it works - from policy makers to enforcement agencies - continues to lag. During that time, EFF and its mission have grown to cover many of the aspects that technology has brought for better or worse and to help protect those impacted by it, while ensuring a bright future with innovation that improves our lives.

So what is happening today and where are our efforts going? Why have some issues like privacy and competition become so strongly intertwined, and what new opportunities and threats lay ahead? I’ll walk you through some of our work, some of the areas of concern, and some of the things I believe will help us work towards a better future.

2022 April 7 09:40 PDT
20 min
Silicon Valley 2022