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Highgo Software

Grant currently lived in Canada, he is the founder of Highgo Software North America, and he is leading the company PostgreSQL development team with members from Canada, China and Pakistan.

He is working as the secretary of the International Consultant Committee of the PostgreSQL China Association at the same time, and also proud to be one of the Organizers of PostgresConf, and act as the Asia Liaison.

He worked in Alcatel-Lucent (Nokia) company for more than ten years and had rich experiences on high availability, real-time telecommunication systems, database technologies and Unix/Linux programming.

Since 2013, Grant has joined the open source world of PostgreSQL and led the team to develop enterprise-level functions based on PostgreSQL and launched the open source Oracle-compatible IvorySQL project based on Postgres 14 at the end of 2021

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There are many users who need to migrate their applications from Oracle to the open source Postgres, but in order to support the new database, users often need to re-develop the application, which is inconvenient. If there is a database based on Postgres and compatible with most Oracle syntax and functions, it will be too convenient for customers. However, the official Postgres project will not accept this kind of code submission. After all, Postgres is Postgres, and Oracle is Oracle.

So, let's make an Oracle compatible database.

This talk will introduce how to make a database compatible with Oracle syntax based on PG, and introduce the IvorySQL project. This project is an open source project (Apache 2.0) led by Highgo Software, and currently has released version 1.2 based on PostgreSQL 14.2.

Welcome everyone to contribute on this open source Oracle compatible database - IvorySQL, powered by PostgreSQL.

2022 April 7 16:40 PDT
20 min
Silicon Valley 2022