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Chad Berkley


I am currently the VP of Engineering at Timescale. Previously, I have worked as an engineer and in CTO and VPE roles at various companies including FlightStats, Cirium and New Relic. I have been a PostgreSQL user for nearly my entire career, starting in 2000. I live in Portland, Oregon with my wife and two kids.

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PostgreSQL is currently the fourth most popular RDBMS (behind SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle) with usage growing faster than any other relational database (source: DB-Engines). This indicates a strong and growing community, backed by many companies that have placed their bet that PostgreSQL will drive growth for years to come. With this growth comes the challenges of building an engineering organization that can expand with your customer-base as well as with the industry as a whole. This organization has to deliver for your customers and your business while also keeping your staff happy and engaged. In this talk, I’ll discuss my growth from an engineer (using PostgreSQL for the first time in 2000) to a manager to a leader and what I’ve learned about building great (and sometimes not) organizations that benefit both your business and your staff. I’ll also touch on some tips for growing your career, whether you're a manager or an individual contributor, while improving your skills and building great relationships.

2022 April 7 10:10 PDT
20 min
Silicon Valley 2022