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Amit Kapila


Amit Kapila is a Committer and a Major Developer in PostgreSQL. Over the course of a 21-year career, he developed deep expertise in not only PostgreSQL but also Oracle, and in-memory databases. He works at Fujitsu as a Senior Director.

He works in open source PostgreSQL. He participates actively in the development of PostgreSQL, both developing and reviewing new features. The major work done by him in PostgreSQL includes his contributions in logical replication, parallel-query, performance, scalability, and hash-indexes. In the past, he has worked on integrating in-memory storage Engine to PostgreSQL-based code and at a time he also improved the Oracle performance by doing statement caching.

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In this talk, I will tell how the Logical Replication has been evolved over years in PostgreSQL. This will explain some of the major recent enhancements like facilitating logical replication of two-phase and large in-progress transactions.

I will share my views on how this technology can be leveraged to build a highly scalable and available database solution for large Enterprises. After that, I will also talk about some of the important enhancements being discussed in this technology area for future releases of PostgreSQL. I'll also cover how this technology can be enhanced for data migration from PostgreSQL to other databases.

2022 April 7 13:00 PDT
50 min
Santa Clara
Silicon Valley 2022