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David Szabo

Virgil Security

David is VP of Developer Platform at Virgil Security in San Francisco: his mission is to empower developers to bring uncompromised privacy to their users. Prior to Virgil, he built ZeroKit, a Zero Knowledge app security platform used by Apple, Microsoft and Realm developers in many healthcare apps. He also founded a social network analysis startup, CX-Ray, prior which he spent 12 years at Microsoft across 4 countries in various engineering, UX, business and leadership roles.

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In the evolution of databases becoming platforms, they naturally expand to clouds and client devices, increasing the scope of a database from a data store & query engine to elastic scaling and solving the challenge of mobile networking and cross-device data sync on client platforms. This new stretched architecture enables a new and improved way to protect data using End-to-End Encryption, enabling the creation of privacy-first apps where the database engine and DBAs/developers can’t decrypt sensitive end-user data.

In his talk, David Szabo of Virgil Security will walk the audience through a software architecture that enables End-to-End Encrypted data storage using Postgres and will show real-world examples of privacy-first products. Virgil’s technology powers Twilio’s End-to-End Encrypted HIPAA-compliant Chat and many healthcare, privacy-first apps in the US, Europe, Australia and Asia.

2018 October 16 13:00 PDT
50 min
Winchester 2
Silicon Valley